New to CrossFit?!  We can’t wait to get you started.

At CrossFit 8035, our daily workouts (known as WODs – workout of the day) involve anything from Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements, to rowing and kettlebell work.  We keep workouts constantly varied to maximize your overall fitness.  It’s a great fitness regimen, but can initially feel overwhelming.  Our 3-hour  individual (or small group) Fundamentals course offers an introduction to lifts, movements, standards, vocab, and more.  It’s a very small sliver of what you’ll experience, but it helps develop some knowledge and familiarity before diving into classes.  Walking out of Fundamentals, you’ll not only have some basic movement know-how, but also some instruction on how to modify and proceed in regular workouts.  We don’t want anybody lifting too heavy or attempting movements they aren’t yet prepared for, so we’ll give guidance over the course of your first couple months.  After about 2-3 months, you’ll develop a better awareness of your abilities.  But we never stop assisting, developing, and coaching you.  Every athlete in our gym is a work in progress, regardless of how long they’ve been participating or how advanced they might be, so we aim for continuous betterment.  And our community is one of support and encouragement.

Fundamentals are listed on our calendar so please take a look.  To get signed up, you’ll need to register HERE.  Following registration, we will reach out to schedule your session or confirm your attendance at the monthly scheduled option!