Check out the membership options and associated fees to the right.  If you have specific questions, please connect with us.

Some things to remember…

  • Freebee Fridays open all classes, free of charge, to anybody 14 and older.  Please refer to the “Calendar” page for dates.
  • The Fundamentals course cost is $100 for 3 hours of scheduled and in depth instruction to get you safely and generally acquainted with CrossFit!  Guidance for regular classes will also be offered.  For questions, contact us at
  • Punchcards are only allowed to be used on regular WOD classes, yoga, or Open Gym.  They do not apply to Fundamentals.
  • To receive the additional 10% off discount for military, student, senior, or teacher, you must provide ID proof of status.

Membership payment can be made one at a time, or your member account can be set up to auto draft based on your preferences.  Please also note that for the discounted rates (6 month, 12 month, couple, etc.), you can sign up to pay the full amount up front OR auto pay monthly (adhering to your membership commitment).  Email reminders will prompt members to update memberships or punchcards, or make them aware of an upcoming scheduled auto draft from their account.  Members must provide written cancellation notice 2 full weeks prior to termination of auto debit.  Upon expiration, members will no longer be able to log-in at the gym, or check daily WODs online.