Fundamentals is a 3-hour session designed to introduce individuals to CrossFit vocabulary, standards, typical movements, Olympic lifts, proper technique, and more.  The individual or small group session is a way to develop some general familiarity, but over the course of the first 8 weeks of classes, coaches will provide extensive instruction and assistance with modifications, etc.  We believe safety and injury prevention are two key components of any fitness experience, so we work very closely with members to ensure they continue to develop a comfort level in regular classes.  The cost is $100.  To register, please click HERE.  We will reach out shortly to schedule or confirm your Fundamentals session!

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, our Fundamentals program is not required.


Daily WODs

Our workouts of the day (WODs) are the CrossFit 8035 daily group classes.  Programming is based on the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.  A combination of bodyweight movements, weight lifting, speed, gymnastics, mobility, and endurance will provide our members the best results.  Workouts are always scalable and allow members to reach their individual thresholds.  Trainers are always willing to accommodate physical restrictions and members are encouraged to log their workout results with our online tool to track their progress.  Our community environment and group workouts provide a foundation of support and encouragement.  The goal is to acheive health through fitness and nutrition.

WODs begin promptly at their scheduled times with a group warm-up, followed by strength AND/OR a group WOD, and wrap up with a short group cool-down or the opportunity for mobility work or rolling out.  For morning and evening classes, please plan on 1 hour or slightly less.  For the lunch hour express class, plan on 45 minutes from beginning to end.  (Please always reference the “Calendar” page for specific dates/times).


Open Gym

Open gym is simply a time to allow our members the freedom to drop in at their convenience to focus on skill development and refinement, a strength session, or complete a WOD of their choice.  A trainer will be available to assist members with anything they need.

Open gym is available Tuesday-Thursday, and Sundays (see calendar for specific times).


Restorative and Flow Yoga

Restorative and Flow Yoga classes focus on recovery and mobility advancement, plus core work and stabalization.  It’s perfect for an active rest day or a way to work on flexibility.  Please reference the calendar for schedule details.


Competitive CrossFit

Our Competitive Class is geared toward CrossFitters interested in competing, whether locally or on a larger scale platform.  These 90 minute classes have a huge emphasis on lift efficiency and refinement, strength advancement, endurance, and advanced skill development.  Be prepared for a challenging session each time.  We do not currently have a strict qualification policy in place, but ask that any member planning to participate be capable of completing most benchmark workouts RX and plan to participate in at least 2 competition in a calendar year.  These classes are offered on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays; please check the schedule for details.


Freebee Fridays

Freebee Fridays are typically the first Friday of each month (always check the schedule though in case of holidays or other conflicts)!  The workout is specifically designed to include body weight movements only (no Olympic lifts).  All classes will be open and free to anybody 14 and older.  Our goal is to allow everybody to gain a little exposure to CrossFit 8035 to see what they think.  The atmosphere will be fun, and workouts will be moderately intense, and the WOD (workout of the day) will be 20 minutes or less and easily scalable for any fitness level.  Freebee Friday classes will be run at the same time slots as our usual classes, so please arrive promptly for the scheduled class time of your choice and we will begin with a warm-up, complete our assigned WOD, and wrap-up with a quick cool-down.  Occasionally we may host a Freebee Friday class at a destination location (also called a Flash WOD).  This will be announced at least 2 days prior and at a destination near the gym, so just keep a close eye on our website and Facebook page!

*If you have never attended a class and/or event at our gym, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign a waiver.


Flash WODs

Sometimes you just need to mix things up.  So in the spirit of constant variation, a paramount piece of the CrossFit method,  we plan to host Flash WODs (similar to a Flash Mobs – but way cooler) sporadically throughout the Des Moines area.  The Sculpture Park, Gray’s Lake, Water Works…you just never know.  The Flash WOD details (date, time, location, workout) will be announced just days before, but will generally fall on a “Freebee Friday”, and everybody is encouraged to attend!  It will be a moderate intensity, body weight workout (meaning no Olympic lifts), with trainers providing basic instruction and leading the group.  This gives current CrossFitters, young professionals, high school athletes, families, and all those in our our Des Moines metro community the opportunity to get outside and get moving!  This is a great opportunity to check out what CrossFit 8035 is all about without worrying about the gym setting or weight lifting.  And we’re always happy to answer question or chat after the WOD!


Weekend Workshops

Our monthly weekend workshops are open to members AND non-members at varied pricing.  Follow our Facebook page and/or our “Special Events” page for detailed announcements.  Each Weekend Workshop targets a specific movement and/or activity and allows participants to expand their fitness experience and knowledge.  A new industry professional will lead each workout to provide the best instruction for their area of expertise.  Workshops attendance is capped based upon venue accommodations and equipment needs.


Classes In The Works

Body Weight Bootcamp – Classes excluding Olympic Lifting and putting more focus on speed agility, and available without the completion of Fundamentals.

Rhinos and Unicorns – A class focused entirely on strength development.

Athletic Advancement – A high school athlete course designed to advance participants in the areas of speed, strength, endurance, mobility, and agility.