• Trainers Needed

    Trainers Needed

                  Our CrossFit 8035 family is in need of another trainer!  We’re looking for a part-time CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Requirements include a passion for people, boat loads of positivity, and regular participation in CrossFit classes.  Shy won’t work in this box, so we need somebody prepared to interact,

  • Community Defines CrossFit

    Community Defines CrossFit

    Let Me Tell You About CrossFit CrossFit is typically defined with words like intensity, movement, and fitness.  But the defining driver behind CrossFit, and the sometimes overlooked definition is community.  The reason CrossFit has developed such a following, and the reason it’s methods are so successful, is because of the people involved.  Any positive CrossFit

  • Recovery


    Why is recover important?  Well, think of it this way:  We spend roughly 1 hour working out, but 23 hours recovering.  Personally, I’d say recovery should be on everyone’s mind a LOT more.  We, as CrossFitters, do a fine job of demolishing ourselves on a near-daily basis, but we should be even more cognizant of how