• You Are A Horse, Of Course

    You Are A Horse, Of Course

    CrossFit gyms are like Thoroughbred paddocks.  Thoroughbred horses all range in height and weight, but their genetics and training allow them to achieve a balance of speed and endurance untouched by most animals.  They’re strong, fast, beautiful creatures.  The moment those gates open, they have one mission; to complete the race as fast as possible and give it everything they have.  Their owners provide the facilities and food, their trainers prepare them physically, and the jockey is that necessary force required to control their primal urges and make the most of each event.  And every barn requires balance to nurture successful, happy, healthy horses.

    Owners are often associated with money.  They back the endeavor, and want their purchase plus profits in return.  Which makes sense.  But if an owner gets too greedy, they lose sight of the fact that they’re working with living things that respond to the care people provide.  An owner afraid to enter their animals stalls, grab a shovel, and clean out shit, is too far removed to understand that their barn stinks.  Literally and figuratively.  And an owner unwilling to put time in to search for the best trainers is doing their Thoroughbreds a disservice; they will never see their full potential no matter how hard they work.  Horses don’t get to pick their stable, but CrossFitters do.  Find an owner that has a hand in the everyday functions of your box.  An owner who cares about what you have to say and who you want to be.  Not some money hungry asshole who’s desperate to slap their name on a blue ribbon beauty, only to send it to the glue factory shortly after collecting some cash.

    Trainers take the pint-sized ponies provided, and turn them into pure horse power.  Pun intended.  These individuals must be self-sacrificing with their time because god knows they generally don’t get paid the big bucks.  They must have attention to detail and personal experience and knowledge to back up their rigorous requirements.  Their focus can’t be on the spotlight because it’s not about them.  It’s about helping an animal achieve full potential.  And that animal will shine with the right support.  Trainers are the foundation of health and success (which is relative to each individual).  They are paramount.  Without a positive, motivational, compassionate attitude, a trainer will drain athletes of their will to work.

    Jockeys are like that little voice in every athletes head.  The one you have to listen for before you actually hear it.  Not the negative voice that tells you to quit.  Buck that jockey quick.  This is the one that encourages you through every second of every workout.  Might take a while to find what you’re looking for, but once you got your groove you’re golden.  Thoroughbreds are born with the instinct to attack the track.  But when you add a little distance to their daily regimen, they need to be reigned in a bit, or pushed all the way to the finish line.  Like CrossFit athletes, a horse will do it’s very best when exhibiting just the slightest bit of control and confidence simultaneously.  And the jockey can give it just that.  For every workout, listen to your jockey because your mind controls the body beneath you.

    You are a badass Thoroughbred.  You require a stable, a trainer, and a jockey.  So find a box and owner you respect and enjoy, trainers that pull the beast out of you, and then get in touch with your subconscious and control it.  The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes make up our CrossFit competitions.  Rich Froning is our Secretariat.  We may not all make it there or even aspire to, but as long as we build up our bodies to be our best, we can carry our horse heads high and shake our magnificent manes.

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