• Wise Words From B Lawson

    Wise Words From B Lawson

    It seems to most that joining a gym involves a lot of loss.  Ya join to lose weight.  Ya join to lose inches.  Ya join to make the guilt of lastnight’s dinner disappear.  Ya join a gym and hope that in a few months, there will somehow be less of yourself…
    CrossFit is different.  CrossFit is all about adding to your life.  It’s about getting that one more rep.  Lifting that slightly heavier weight.  Lasting longer than you did the day before.  It’s about adding more strength, stability, mobility, sustainability, variety, and FUN into one’s life.  And while I have lost the pounds of unneeded bodyfat and I have shed the inches of an unwanted form, with there being undoubtedly less of me, I feel that there is now, somehow, more of me.
    More of whom I want to be.  That’s what CrossFit, and the community of crossfit, has given me.  More life.  More fun. Yes, more pain, but with an equal or greater amount of pleasure that always follows the “hard” days.
    I have two more “auxiliary” thoughts on CrossFit: “time” and “decision-making vacation.”  Because of the format and programming of the workouts, one cannot help but to gain a new perspective on time.  How long is five minutes?  How long is 30 seconds?  What can you do in a minute’s time??  One more rep?  Two more reps?  Another round?  Can you hold this plank ANY longer???  Let’s just say, that I have a new-found APPRECIATION for the LENGTH of a “minute.”  And equally, a greater respect for my ability to do work in 30 seconds’ time.
    As an adult, one is constantly bombarded and strained by the weight of making decisions.  Whether at work or at home, we have a lot of decisions to make!  Sometimes, that kinda sucks!  What’s the right decision?  Did I make the wrong decision??  There’s no manual for this shit, just you, trying to make the best of every decision, with no real basis and no real feedback on whether you did the right thing or not!  My CrossFit WOD is my decision making vacation.  I’m told what to do, for how long, how many times, and I LOVE it.  All I have to do is show up and SURVIVE 😉
    Sharing WODs with Chad and Emma (brother and sister-in-law who are also members) has been awesome.  Truly one of the great “surprises” of joining the CF8035 box.  Nothing brings people together liking sharing a “near-death” experience.  And with CrossFit, we’ve had a lot of those!  And when a WOD is all done, it’s totally worth it.
    (None of this was edited…came straight from an email, compliments of Brett Lawson – a committed athlete and determined individual.  We couldn’t be more proud of him and his progress.  Not to mention the amazing example he sets for those around him and the encouragement he offers in the gym every day.  Stay tuned for a “family feature” of Brett, his brother Chad, and sister-in-law, Emma.  Just a few of our faves.)

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