• Shaving…And We Don’t Mean Your Hair

    Shaving…And We Don’t Mean Your Hair

    The sport of CrossFit calls for an extreme amount of ethics every single day.  “Shaving” reps in a workout has become an issue in every gym (including ours) that needs a little attention.

    As owners and trainers, we made a commitment to every person that steps foot in our gym.  We are here to change lives!  Its simple…you show up, you do ALL the assigned work, and you trust in us; the results that have been eluding you in the past will be blown away.  CrossFit is our passion and we want to spread that passion to everybody.  We program our workouts based on a strict regimen that will ensure a total body workout and complete physical breakdown.  The amount of reps, the number of rounds, the length of the AMRAP are all there for a reason.  SO DO ALL OF THEM!

    We understand that a lot of CrossFit workouts call for A LOT of reps, and counting every single one can sometimes be difficult.  You are going to miss a rep every now and then…its inevitable.  You may even lose track of your rounds.  But when reps are “shaved” on purpose for faster times, or higher scores, you tap a nerve with those around you including trainers AND other members!  It’s a simple concept….count every single rep and do the work that’s asked of you.

    The term “cheating” is an aggressive one that we hesitate to use with those who are busting ass in our gym, on their way to personal betterment…..BUT….we aren’t just here for physical betterment.  We are here for mental and emotional improvement as well.  By shaving reps, not only are you cheating yourself by ignoring your potential, but you’re also cheating your coaches and trainers who are putting in time and effort to see you succeed, and your fellow CrossFitters who are completing the entire workout.  Many of the workouts suck and we all know that, but the only thing that “shaving” accomplishes is to seeing your name higher on the whiteboard.  And it’s a false reality.  The whiteboard is to track your results but honestly, we don’t monitor it and we don’t give a shit what it says.  We care more about you pushing through a tough-ass workout (regardless of finishing first or last) and finishing it with dignity and pride.

    You aren’t going to be at your best every day.  There will be days you show up to the gym and don’t feel like doing the workout.  That’s no excuse for modifying reps.  Modify movements, take it a little bit easy, lighten the weight a bit, but do the workout in it’s entirety.  Know that you gave it everything you had, and that the next time you visit that workout you have an accurate account of your abilities.  Hold yourself accountable and walk out the gym doors feeling better about yourself; mind, spirit, and body!


  • Posted by Shannon Welch on August 9, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Couldn’t agree more buddy.

    Julie and I talk about this daily and its frustrating to see people cheat to get ahead.

    I keep reminding her it will catch up to those who cheat on themselves.

  • Posted by Shaving… Not Your Hair… » North East CrossFit on October 23, 2014 at 11:01 pm

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