Hey everybody!  As you know, this weekend (5/31-6/2), the North Central CrossFit Regional Competition will be held in Chicago at Navy Pier.  We’re thrilled to head that way and support our trainer and co-owner Luke Reiland, and other local competitors.  Having said that, juggling the regular class schedule with most of our staff being gone we’ve had to make some slight adjustments.  Please see below for this weekends gym schedule!

    Friday – Regular morning and evening classes with Jenner, but NO 1145am (Express) class.

    Saturday – Only 1 class, at 8am, with our good friend and certified trainer, Will.

    Sunday – Open gym from 10am-noon, with Jenner.

    With the recent expansion and now Regionals, we so greatly appreciate your patience with us and any schedule changes.  Lets get through this weekend, and get back to some normalcy :)  Thanks so much everybody, and don’t forget to watch the Regional finals LIVE on Sunday at http://games.crossfit.com/.  Our own Amanda Krenz (Wajda) will be commentating throughout the weekend!  Thank you again!!!

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