• Meet The Trainers

    Meet The Trainers

    In an attempt to expand our gym and maintain the quality our members have come to expect, we’ve added a couple of trainers to the mix.  I thought we should take this opportunity for a little up-close information on each of our trainers.  Although I’d like to believe that I’m the favorite, I’m not naïve enough to think that each member doesn’t have their unique preference.  Maybe you like Audra’s  amazing red mane and her brilliance in mobility.  Perhaps you prefer Luke’s lifting lectures.  Or maybe TJ is your man when it comes to making a 1 rep max PR.  Our fabulous additions to the team, Jenner and JD, aren’t anything to scoff at.  They tout years of unique experiences and personality for days.  And me, Abi, the pregnant one.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, we all have styles of coaching, and we all have an undeniable passion for CrossFit 8035 and the happiness and progress of each and every member.  We aim to continually grow as people and trainers, but for now, some fun facts from them.

    Jenner Brown

    • Favorite color: possibly green??
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Camille Leblanc
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: back squat (but really any weight lifting!)
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): muscle-ups – simply because I can NOT do them…yet :)
    • A little info on Jenner and CrossFit: I came across a living social deal and though I would give it a whirl!  I’ve always enjoyed lifting but not so much love for the group cardio!  I instantly fell in love with CrossFit because of the constant variety!  I’ve gained so much strength (physically and emotionally) through my CrossFit experience.  I’m one who constantly lives my life through goals – so with CrossFit my goals are ever-changing.  One specific goal is obviously a muscle-up!

    Joshua Alex (AKA, JD)

    • Favorite color: black
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Kenny Leveritch and Luke Reiland (duh!)
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: front squat and muscle-up
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): FRAN!!!
    • A little info on JD and CrossFit: I got started in Crossfit while working for the ISU football program when one of the strength coaches gave me a few workouts to try (one of them was Elizabeth).  I also follow my buddy Dave Driskel online, and he posted CrossFit workouts he did every day so I started trying them in the gym at Iowa State. Then I found out about Crossfit West Ames and joined, as well as spent some time in California at Orange Coast CrossFit. Since starting Crossfit I have become considerably stronger and noticed a huge chance in my cardio endurance. I used to think I was in good shape, but now I know I am and I continually try to push myself in that department.
      I have many goals when it comes to CrossFit, but overall I’d like to make regionals eventually, and later in life still be able to do everything that makes me happy when I’m 60.  And more importantly I want to help others live a healthier lifestyle and to achieve things they didn’t think they could do before they walked through the gym doors.

    Terrence Jason Welton (AKA, TJ)

    • Favorite color: baby blue
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Matt Chan and a close second, Mikko Salo…and for ladies…Katie Hogan, Libby Dibiase, Julie Foucher, Andrea Ager, Lindsay Valenzuela, Lindsey Smith, Ingrid Kantola (inspirational crush), Laurie Carver (over 50 crush), Stacie Tovar, and Petite Fe
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: overhead squats
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): Any of the girls, but especially Fran
    • A little info on TJ and CrossFit: After college ball I found nothing to support my competitive drive until I stumbled upon CrossFit about 2 years ago.  I have experienced many CrossFit gyms across the country, good and bad, and everything inbetween.  I quickly fell in love with the sport of fitness and wanted to bring its greatness to Downtown Des Moines…and CrossFit 8035 was born.  Before CrossFit 8035, my goals/enjoyment came from competing with those next to me in class.  Now, my passion has turned to providing a one-of-a-kind exciting fitness regimen, and a supportive community to our members.  I love helping people achieve their goals no matter how big or small.  Being a coach is a responsibility and privilege I take seriously and welcome.  I make an effort to learn and perfect my coaching to provide the best experience possible to our CrossFit 8035 members.  In short, my goal is to provide a gym environment where people can take control of their health, learn, find a sense of community, and simply get a down right nasty workout in every single day.

    Audra Sharon Wolfe

    • Favorite color: red when rocking my hair or driving my car, blue if i’m wearing it in my wardrobe, and black because it works perfectly with everything
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Luke Reiland – duh
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: lifting heavy – I know it’s not a movement but it’s my favorite thing to do
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): Fran – I’ve done her 4 times I the past 2 years and could probably go without ever doing her again
    • A little info on Audra and CrossFit: I started CrossFit in Nov 2010. I had just finished training for a half marathon, was about 125# (skinny/fat) and pretty weak. I knew it incorporated lifting into a group setting so I thought I’d give it a try. I went alone. It was very intimidated but motivating at the same time. I was immediately hooked!  I started with a 15 lb trainer bar & a 12 inch box. But with a little practice and a lot of patience I began to see gains. Over the course of the following year I put on about 10 lbs (that is a good thing – if I showed you pictures you would choose the heavier me every time), and I was able to do pull ups and move a significant amount of weight. I became healthier, happier and much more confident!  Now, another year and a half later, I’ve continued to improve (though at a slower rate) and started focusing more on the things about CrossFit that are really important to me; my technique, strength and diet – I hate that word primarily because I don’t think of the way I eat as being on a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle choice and I’m choosing to eat clean, whole, preferably locally grown foods. I just feel and perform better that way:)  My goal for the future is to be able to perform all of my workouts RX’d. I don’t care if I’m the fastest, just that I can perform all the movements and move all of the weight with proper form and technique. And I guess if I can do it super fast, that’ll be a very nice added bonus!  I’m most excited to be a part of such a great community of diverse individuals that bring something special to my life everyday. Thank you CrossFit 8035!

    Lucas Matthew Reiland (AKA, Luke)

    • Favorite color: black
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Don’t really have 1 particular athlete I enjoy watching.  I’m a big fan of Camille!
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: Squat clean!  I always hated them, but lately I’ve been working on them a lot and have grown to enjoy the movement of some heavy weight!
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): I have 2 that I hate!  The heavy overhead squat and the heavy squat snatch.  My wide grip overhead game needs some serious work!
    • A little info on Luke and CrossFit:  I got started in CrossFit after I finally gave into the borderline begging of a friend.  I was finally talked into it and was hooked from day 1.  CrossFit is pretty much my life now.  CrossFit has increased my overall strength and fitness, and taught me so much about the type of person I am…it’s my passion.  It has consumed me to the point of opening our gym so I can expose and encourage others in this sport.  I find it very fulfilling to help people push pas their limits and achieve things they never thought they could.  I am inspired everyday by the members of our gym…the people who give us everything they have to better themselves and those around them.  I want to continue to help others!  I do put a lot of time into my own workouts and I will continue to do so, but that will always come 2nd to the members of our gym.  I plan to continue giving CrossFit 8035 everything I’ve got!

    Abigail Ann Fangman (AKA, Abi Reiland…still getting used to it)

    • Favorite color: orange…so sunny and bright, how can you not like it?!  oh, and CrossFit 8035 green, of course.
    • Favorite CrossFit athlete: Christmas Abbott, Andrea Ager, and Camille LeBlanc Bazinet.  For all 3 I might leave Luke :)
    • Favorite CrossFit movement: hand walking and toes-to-bar
    • CrossFit nemesis (workout and/or movement): my deadlifts blow (weight-wise)…I also struggle with ring dips and muscle-ups.  I plan to make these movements my b*tches once this baby is out.  Bring it on.
    • A little info on Abi and CrossFit:  2 years ago, I was bored, scrawny, and lacked any ounce of the self-confidence I once had.  Then I started CrossFit.  I couldn’t stop…it was like a drug.  Seeing the new toning of my muscles, achieving personal bests I didn’t think possible, ridding myself of the lack of energy, stiff joints, and bullsh*t excuses I’d been using to sit around and do nothing.  Soon after I met my lovely husband, my business partners, and made so many friends.  The support of the CrossFit community is undefinable.  Call it a cult if you want, but it’s the most positive experience I’ve ever been a part of.  Now, as a co-owner, my goal is to give that experience to each and every member that walks through our door.  Crushing goals regardless of what they are, building confidence without egos, and engaging our members and the community around us to aim for a healthier lifestyle.  I’d also like to destroy a muscle-up and kill the open next year. :)

    So that’s us :)  Here to serve.  Always feel free to reach out to any of us.  We simply want to provide you the means to achieve your own unique greatness.  Love ya’ll.

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