• The Process: Skinny Is A Fad

    Oh, body image.  Body image is a perspective, and it holds about as much weight (no pun intended) as fashion does.  It’s an opinion.  And it’s a fleeting one at that.

    Recognize ads promising weight loss and an “ideal,” skinny frame?


    What would you say if I told you that “skinny” is a fad as much as acid wash jeans.  The feeble, thin frames that models strut on today’s runway shows are part of a marketing and promotable image that will come and go just like bell-bottoms did.

    Don’t believe me? What if I told you there was a time that extra pounds of fat were once as fashionable as today’s skinny look? Check it out…


    Follow me.  Pretend for a moment you weren’t concerned with how you looked (i.e., the result), but you immersed yourself in a quality lifestyle of quality training and nutrition (i.e., the process).  With a process-oriented approach, you free yourself from the imprisonment of an endless goal and you commit to the things you can control, which are the details of the process.  Keep in mind that this process is difficult, but it’s paved with tiny victories that are a source of happiness, confidence, and results.

    Believe it or not, this process has worked well for millions of years.  The little ole’ homies below sure as hell weren’t worried about fashion, because they are too occupied with survival.  In addition, they don’t even know what sit-up is! Not to shabby right…?


    It’s time to commit to the process and let go of what “should” be.  It’s the best way to get results, anyway.  Change your mind – Change your life!!


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