• Community Defines CrossFit

    Community Defines CrossFit

    Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

    CrossFit is typically defined with words like intensity, movement, and fitness.  But the defining driver behind CrossFit, and the sometimes overlooked definition is community.  The reason CrossFit has developed such a following, and the reason it’s methods are so successful, is because of the people involved.  Any positive CrossFit gym will offer an experience that involves encouragement, motivation, and friendship.  Without these key components, the intensity and rigor may overwhelm an individual.

    CrossFit 8035 tries to embody what the global community is all about.  We want to forever remain involved in the community.  We want to give back.  We want to contribute and encourage the health of our local residents.  We want to exemplify passion and determination.  In attempts of beginning our mission to be a leader of continued health education, all-sport exposure, personal accomplishments, and all things CrossFit, we ask and encourage our members and those in the Des Moines metro to join us for the events below.

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    • This Friday, 4/5, around 430pm, we’ll be hosting a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Des Moines Downtown Chamber.  We look forward to showing off our facility, networking, and introducing our community to CrossFit.  At 5pm, we plan to provide a free introductory workout for anybody interested!  Or you can stick around and watch it all unfold.  Regardless, we want to see you there, no matter who you are!  Experience our overwhelmingly supportive CrossFit community.  There’s a place for you here.
    • At 6 pm, our members and their friends and family can bring some beverages and a dish, and we’ll enjoy a little time together the sweat, blood, and ear-blasting music :)

    AIDS Walk/Run

    • Saturday, April 13, CrossFit 8035 will lead the warm-up for the 13th annual AIDS Walk/Run at Des Moines University.  This walk/run is a fundraiser for the AIDS Project of Primary Health Care, Inc., our state’s largest AIDS Service Organization.  The Project at PHC serves over 360 HIV positive individuals per year and provides HIV testing and prevention information to thousands of Iowans.  The run begins at 10am, so around 930am we’ll begin a large group warm-up to get the athletes prepped.  Should be a blast!

    Hy-Vee Road Races

    • Sunday, April 28, CrossFit 8035 will man the 1st and largest water table for the Hy-Vee Road Races, which are part of the Annual Drake Relays.  This amazing opportunity will give our members and staff the chance to cheer and encourage other athletes outside of the gym.  We consider this a way to expand our family and practice what we preach outside our box walls.  Please join us in our efforts to push the runners and keep them moving!

    Our community-centered mindset is paramount to the success of our gym and our members.  We want to build a continuously growing family of people committed to personal development and improvement, health, and positivity.  We welcome anybody and everybody with open arms, and look forward to the new faces and new journeys we will help support.  Reach out to us if you dig a little love in your life.


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