• Monthly Feature Member, Drew Riebhoff

    Monthly Feature Member, Drew Riebhoff

    Each month, CrossFit 8035 wants to take a little time to highlight a hard-working member of the gym.  This month, our amazing and wonderful, Drew Riebhoff.

    As a Sherman Hill resident, Drew brings us a huge 5’9″, 175 lb personality.  And this one-of-a-kind catch is single and looking folks 😉  Drew entered our box with a little self-doubt, some anxiety, and less than stellar form.  Now, he’s kicking ass, taking names, and correcting the trainers movements when they are less than perfect.  Drew walks in every day with a positive attitude, ready to tackle whatever challenge we throw his way.  And to say he has improved would be an understatement.  His mobility, strength, and endurance have all seen quick and radical advancement.  His first kipping pull-ups debuted just this past week, and his hand-walking leaves little to be desired.  Here is a glimpse into our beloved Drew and his personal perspective on his CrossFit 8035 experience thus far :)

    Q: Why CrossFit 8035?

    A: WELL, after I discovered that the pants I could wear 2 months ago no longer fit, I decided I needed to start working out.  I also knew I needed to go to a place where I would get my hand held, since I haven’t done any sort of working out since my sophomore year of high school, and I had no clue how to do anything.  Around that same time, I heard about Crossfit8035 and now, the rest is history.

    Q: Now that you’re actively involved, what are your thoughts?

    A: I love it!!!! It’s interesting though.  In the middle of a WOD or right after, I usually think “what the hell did I sign up for, I think I’m going to die.”  And then about 15 minutes later, I feel like a bad ass and am pretty proud of myself for doing it.

    Q: What is your background as a person and/or athlete?

    A: I was a competitive tumbler when I was a kid. Now, I’m just a drag queen who can do backflips in high heels.

    Q: Most of the tough benchmark workouts are named after women.  What name would you assign to the worlds hardest workout?

    A: Hmmmm.  I think I would call it the “ugly fat friend.”  No one likes doing them, but you might have to before you are and/or find a hot one.

    Q: What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

    A: A delicious chocolate protein shake, banana, and some scrambled eggs with green peppers and mushrooms.

    Q: What could we do to improve your CrossFit 8035 experience?

    A: Easy. Get rid of burpees :)

    Sorry Drew, the burpees are here to stay.  Your spectacularly toned arms and healthy lungs will thank us.
    Drew exemplifies all that CrossFit is…an individual willing to push his personal limitations to achieve a new and improved self.  He’s committed to working hard for a new sense of pride, and encourages those around him to do the same.  Drew, it’s been a pleasure having you at CrossFit 8035, and we looking forward to many more achievements, interesting t-shirts, and inappropriate conversation with you :)  We’re lucky to have you, Drew, and keep it up!
  • Posted by Lisa Riebhoff on November 8, 2013 at 11:36 am

    That’s my boy, so proud of him.


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