• Play By The Rules

    Play By The Rules

    Its been a couple weeks now for most of you and everybody is into a nice routine of getting your asses kicked daily….and you are all loving it!  As trainers, we feel like we have done a pretty good job of introducing you guys to a new lifestyle, both in and out of the gym.  There is, however, a rulebook at CrossFit 8035 that we have not gone over yet.  These rules are pretty standard in the CrossFit world, primarily because they help to provide the best experience at the gym.  These will soon be posted in the gym as a constant reminder of what you should strive to adhere to everyday…enjoy!

    10) Respect the Equipment.  The equipment is meant to be lifted, squatted, pressed, and dropped.   Use it, but don’t abuse it.  A naked bar is a fragile bar, so be gentle.  And every piece of equipment you get out, you put back!  If you can squat a house, you are strong enough to carry the weights back to where they belong.  And of course, your fellow classmates and will be sure to help you out from time to time.

    9) Encourage Others.  We are a community.  We are individuals who have decided that easy and routine will no longer suffice.  We are a family.  If you get done with your workout before anybody else, be at your peers side screaming, yelling, and encouraging them through those last reps/mins.   You better believe that they will return the favor when you need the push!  If you’re the first one done, you’ve got a lot of cheering to do.  Make this a habit and your gym pals will appreciate it.

    8) Introduce Yourself to Others.   We are a new gym.  Most of you didn’t know more than 1 or 2 other members when you started.  Introduce yourselves to everyone you don’t know each day.  We will be adding members regularly for a long time to come, and most of the new faces will also be new to CrossFit.  Make them feel welcome and comfortable!  You will be sweating, screaming, and suffering right alongside these people…its best if you’re not strangers!

    7) Promptness.   If you’re on time, you’re late!  Make sure you are at the gym 5-10 minutes before class.  Get yourself ready and begin stretching out before we dive into our warm up.  Everybody has schedules to keep, so we can’t delay the start of our class.  If you do arrive a little behind, better late than never, but get ready quickly and join the group without being too distracting :)

    6) Full Range of Motion.   You didn’t invent the functional movements we use everyday, so don’t try to change them.  You were born and built to move, so get through the entire range of motion on every rep.  Explore your limits and push them.  We are here to help and we understand that some of you have limitations that don’t allow you to complete particular movements.  That’s ok, and we will do what we can to provide alternatives and keep you safe.  But for those of you who can or should be able to, make sure you do!  If the weight is too heavy, don’t shorten the movement, go lighter!  There is no shame in doing a lighter weight to focus on mobility and technique.  We are more concerned with you doing the movement properly than lifting a ton of weight.

    5) Push Your Boundaries.  Every Workout, Every Rep.  CrossFit is meant to test you both physically and mentally.  As long as you push, you are in better shape today than you were yesterday.  You are a stronger person today than you were yesterday.  Every time you walk through the doors of the gym, make a commitment to your peers, your trainers, and most importantly…YOURSELF!  Don’t cheat yourself the experience you gain each day.  Your boundaries are expanding with every rep and every workout.  Make sure you are pushing yourself to those boundaries and past them!  And remember that failure is a huge part of the journey.  Failing is ok, because it means you attempted something new.  Eventually, you WILL succeed but you can’t get there without the effort.  You give us everything you’ve got and we promise you will see yourself become the person you want to be!

    4) Check Your Ego at the Door.  NEWS FLASH….CrossFit is hard as shit!  So leave your ego at the front door and bring an open mind!  You will accomplish things you never thought you were capable of doing!  We don’t do it because its easy.  In fact, we do it for the challenge.  We care about each and every one of our members.  You either weren’t happy with your previous exercise routine, or you wanted more of a challenge.  Either way we are here to change your life!  Giving everything you have, regardless of your abilities, is what we respect above all else.  For most of you, this will be the most challenging thing you have ever done, physically and mentally…but just wait, I PROMISE it will all be worth it.  And you will make some great friends in the process!

    3) Don’t Cheat.  We rely on good faith in CrossFit.  There are way too many people working out for us to count every rep for every athlete.  You are responsible for your score and you are accountable for your progress.  Be honest and truthful!  The quickest way to lose respect from your fellow gym mates is to start posting inaccurate scores/times just to beat the next guy.  CrossFit is extremely competitive but pride should never overshadow your true progress.  If you’re not logging accurately your progress will never be apparent and it’s not worth it.  The real competition is with YOURSELF.  Be better than the old you, and that’s enough.

    2) Scream, Yell, Swear, Shout, Grunt, Whimper, Bleed, Or Puke…JUST DON’T QUIT!  We’re not your mom, and you’re not 10 years old.  Swear and scream…we don’t care…and if it helps you finish, we encourage it!  If your pissed off, use your frustration as fuel.  If you just got a personal record on your back squat, let the entire East Village know!  Whatever drives you.  You won’t be at your best every workout, but you better bring 100% of what you do have; if you don’t, you will be upset with yourself later.  You will learn to disregard all of those voices in your head that tell you to stop, or quit but you have to train them just like you’re training your body.  We don’t care to what lengths you have to go, or where you have to reach to get the fortitude to finish the workout….just get there!

    1) Smile.  Have fun!  You made a choice to change your life by joining CrossFit 8035.  And you get to do it with some pretty awesome people.  Sure, the workouts are rough sometimes, but that’s the beauty in all of this.  You enjoy getting the tar beat out of you at every workout because it makes you better.  A better athlete, with better drive, and better health.  You get knocked down and you keep coming back for more.  Love it and live it!  CrossFit will change your life and offer opportunities you never thought possible.  Enjoy the ride, and remember that we are all on it with ya!

    Abiding by these rules will ensure you one of the greatest experiences of your life.  We were in your shoes not long ago.  CrossFit has changed our lives and we want to offer you guys the same opportunities.  So on behalf of TJ, Audra, Abi and I (Luke), we would like to officially welcome everyone who has had the courage to walk through our doors and take the plunge.  And to all of those still unfamiliar with the CrossFit experience and are on the fence…DO IT!  You wont regret it!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Members, push your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers you see on the street to look into this life-altering experience.  Your referrals are the most valuable asset we have.  See all of you crazy kids very soon!

  • Posted by Joan Hyde on March 22, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Wish I was a few years younger. I might go for this. However, we enjoy getting all your encouragement, etc. I’m still going to my exercise group and using the weights you gave me. Hope to see you soon.


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