• JD Alex: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    JD Alex: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    He came to us as a skinny kid with a twinkle in his eye and a sh*tty overhead squat.  A young guy, looking for a way into the CrossFit community in Central Iowa.  His bad haircut and affection for tights made us a bit tentative, but his resume impressed us.  So we offered him a chance to work for us…for free.  He accepted with one stipulation; no morning classes.

    As his graduation from Iowa State University quickly approached, JD knew he needed to find a job.  And his pre-law degree did not pair well with his tattooed appendages, so he set his sights on his growing passion for CrossFit.  He’d run track, rowed in college, and worked with the ISU athletic teams, and knew his competitive streak and admiration for athletics were well-suited for a career in training and more.

    JD began as a trainer at CrossFit 8035 only months after their doors opened.  Although he initially took no pay, as 8035 grew, so did the importance of his role.  He committed himself full-time to coaching classes, programming for individuals, and helping members during open gym.  And we even convinced him to coach a few morning classes.  He also met the love of his life while doing so (less than a month till they get hitched).

    With endless enthusiasm for the sport of fitness, a much better overhead squat, and some on-going education and certs, JD has become an integral part of CrossFit 8035.  He serves not only as a leader at the box, but also an inspiration to those around him.  So today, we take a moment to recognize the efforts, loyalty, and continued tights-wearing of JD Alex, Head Trainer at CrossFit 8035.


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