• Member of the Month: Erik Heard

    Member of the Month: Erik Heard

    IMG_0553Erik has been a part of the Crossfit 8035 family for eight months now.  As an elementary school physical education teacher at Howe Elementary, he has been working with administrators to bring Crossfit Kids into Howe.  Erik’s passion for fitness, and promoting fitness in the lives of youth, is something rare and valuable!

    Although Erik is a big kid at heart, he comes to class every day to do work.  He never complains, has a aura of positivity that’s contagious.  And like a student, Erik considers CrossFit a craft that requires determination and effort to improve.  His extra credit homework on movements like double unders (which he mastered in less than a month) has paid off in the form of PR’s and overall health improvements.

    Erik’s humor, tenacity, and good nature on a daily basis make him our Member of the Month!  Congrats Erik and keep it up!

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