• Taking It Up A Notch: New Things At CF8035

    whats-newAs always, we try to take our members’ needs and requests into consideration when it comes to planning.  And we’ve come up with some things we hope will enthuse and excite!

      • First, in case you weren’t aware yet, this Saturday we’ll have regular class times, but be hosting a Regional Fundraiser WOD.  This is open to the public, and will give people a chance to sign-up for a Regional Team t-shirt and/or tank top, or make a donation.  All donations and shirt proceeds will go toward travel costs for our Regional Team, preparing to compete in Chicago May 9-11.  Members can charge to their account, otherwise cash, check, or card will be accepted.  For anybody unable to attend, email me at abi@crossfit8035.com.  Let me know t-shirt size (unisex, American Apparel 50/50) and color (red or bright green), or tank (women) size.  We appreciate all your support! https://www.facebook.com/events/1478796085668407/
      • We have a lot of really motivated athletes.  And we know there’s a strong desire to compete and progress.  So, beginning June 1, we will offer a competition-specific program.  Competitive classes will be held Tuesday nights from 7-8:30PM, and Saturdays from 11AM-12:30PM.  This will be a room full of people who will push you.  The workouts will be challenging (2 seperate WODs or 1 lengthy WOD), and the expectation is that you can complete most movements RX (ex: double-unders, pull-ups, wall-ball work, kettlebell work, a solid comfort with ALL olympic lifts, and RX thrusters).  Weight modifications are allowed, but avoid significant scaling).  This is a separate membership offered to both current and non members alike.  It’s a $50 per month fee, for the chance to shift into beast mode.  A sign-up sheet will be available on the website shortly.
      • We don’t often get the chance to spend extended time on our gymnastics movements.  So our next workshop is committed to 3 areas: ring work, bar work, and upside down work, and will be held Sunday, May 18, from 12-2PM.  The group will warm-up with core work and some body-awareness basics.  We will have 3-4 trainers participating.  The group will then be split into 3 smaller groups; each will get 20-25 minutes at each station and with each coach.  Movements and progression sets we will focus on include the following: kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, ring dips, muscle-ups, headstands, handstands, handstand push-ups, hand-walking, and more.  The event will be on Facebook (email me at abi@crossfit8035.com if you don’t have Facebook), and we are capping attendance at 36 total.  Cost is $15 per person (billed to member accounts, or due at time of event for non-members.)
      • As most of you know, we just wrapped up an intense 12-week strength program.  We will plan to take about 4-6 weeks off to keep our cardio up to par, then we’ll dive back into some strength-specific regimen.  Keep in mind that throughout this 4-6 week period we will still have weight-lifting components so you will not lose any ground.  Rhinos and Unicorns will potentially make a comeback, but at the moment we’re going to see how things go through spring!  Implementing the strength in every class gives athletes the chance to get structured lifting, without attending an additional class.  And because we still incorporate a WOD you’re not giving up cardio.  We’ll keep you all happy!
      • Spread the word about our Athlete Advancement program, starting June 1st.  This is open to ALL high school students and will focus on development in the areas of cardio, plyometrics, and strength.  It’s a monthly fee with the opportunity to attend 3 classes per week.  You can find details under class information, and use the “Sign-Ups” tab to get started and receive updates!
      • Next, we’re shifting Fundamentals just slightly.  Freebee Friday, and Sunday Fundamentals will now be one day apart.  It seems like people who give the Freebee Friday a try are anxious to get started, so now they’ll have the chance to jump right in!  All information will be available on the website calendar.
      • For the summer, we will put 7am classes on hold. We will also shift our 8:30am class to 9am.  This seems to better accommodate the bulk of our membership.  Also, beginning June 1, there will be no regular 7pm on Tuesdays (this will be reserved for those with a competitive membership).  We do apologize for an inconvenience.

    I think that does it!  Hoping these changes and updates are helpful!

    -Abi, Luke, TJ, Audra, and your CrossFit 8035 Trainers

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