• A Letter To Our Members: We Heart You

    A Letter To Our Members: We Heart You

    Dear beloved CrossFit 8035 Family,

    You are beautiful, and amazing, and inspiring every single day.  Reflecting on 2013 we thought of story after story of successes, overcoming struggles, new friendships and relationships, and our community growth.  Without every single person involved with the gym, we couldn’t be where we are now…heading into what should be a big and badass 2014.  You have given us so much that we want to be sure we’re giving back, so here’s what we have planned for you this year.

    With our New Year Special, and individual resolutions for 2014, we’re seeing a lot of new faces.  And as quantities continue to increase, we want to ensure that each and every individual in our gym continues to receive the highest quality CrossFit experience available.  When we opened this gym, we all agreed on one thing; the quality of our training, programming, the environment, and the member experience was the single most important thing to us.  We never aimed for a million members, or 18 locations, or an Elite championship team.  And we never will.  Our goal was and will continue to be nurturing a passion in people so that their love for fitness and health matched ours.  And although we’re always striving to improve, I think for the most part we succeeded.   Now in my opinion, success requires adaptation.  Whether it’s an individual climbing the corporate ladder, a new mom getting her bearings, or a box aiming to please…new circumstances require new ideas and solutions.  At CrossFit 8035 we define success as having happy, healthy members.

    So as we grow, we will continue to adapt to maintain all of our original standards surround quality.  We will continue to add classes to meet member needs.  We will bring in 2 coaches for the larger classes.  We will offer additional open gym time.  We will do yoga in-house.  We will offer workshops to keep our “constant variation” in mind.  We will purchase more and different equipment.  We will offer nutrition guidance.  We will continue to educate ourselves.  We will always accept feedback.  And we will never lose sight of the best interest of our members…who are now our friends and family.

    It’s you guys who have allowed us the opportunity to grow and expand and we can’t possibly thank you enough for sticking with us and encouraging those around you to give this crazy cult a try.  You make up a community that we are proud to be a part of, and individuals that we feel lucky to have met.

    So just a heartfelt thank you from your CrossFit 8035 Crew, and assurance that in 2014 you can expect CrossFit 8035 to be better than ever.  We heart you.  Muah.

    -Abi, Luke, TJ, Audra, JD, Jenner, Brooks, and Amy

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