• Body Weight Bootcamp – Coming Soon!

    Body Weight Bootcamp – Coming Soon!

    We know that weights aren’t for everybody, and there are a lot of Freebee Friday (body-weight workout) fans out there.  So, to offer something a little lighter we’re adding a “Body Weight Bootcamp” to our schedule, affective January 4th.  This body-weight class will be similar to regular classes in terms of structure: 1 hour including warm-up, workout/skill review, cool down and/or mobility.  Initially, we plan to offer this class Saturdays only, from 10-11am.  Body Weight Bootcamp is free for all current members, and counts as one class for punchcard holders.  For anybody new, this class does NOT require completion of Fundamentals and does not include any Olympic lifting.  The primary focus revolves around mobility, stability, body-weight movements, plyometrics, and cardio.  For anybody intimidated or disinterested with the lifting associated with CrossFit, this is a perfect opportunity to add a weekly workout to your routine that mimics the high intensity and constant variation, minus the weights.  For anybody planning to attend “Body Weight Bootcamp” ONLY, we suggest the punchcard option of 10 classes for $100 (a great gift/stocking stuffer idea to get a loved one involved).  And keep in mind that every 3rd Friday we will continue Freebee Friday body-weight workouts.  If we find demand for this class increases, we will add a weekly option as well.  As spring rolls around, these classes will regularly be outdoors.  Please email Abi Reiland at abi@crossfit8035.com with questions or to get started!

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