As a CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit 8035 provides members with it’s own in-house programming geared toward improving health through fitness.  Our programming will achieve success regardless of your goal…weight loss, endurance, athletic advancement, strength, etc.  Following our introductory Fundamentals class, members are encouraged to participate in our WOD’s several times per week.  Our classes are constantly varied, high intensity, and focused on functional movements (used in everyday life) that engage the core to extremities.  The full-body workouts aim to increase both strength and endurance, reduce body fat, increase metabolism, and reach each individual’s fitness and health potential.

Because CrossFit 8035 views our member’s health as all-encompassing, we also offer services outside of the standard CrossFit workouts, supplementary classes, and nutrition guidelines.  Below are some options for additional services, and we always appreciate suggestions if you’re interested in something we don’t currently offer.

  • Nutrition Coaching and Consultation – Audra Wolfe, Co-Owner and Trainer, has refined the CrossFit nutrition guidelines (Zone, Whole 30, Paleo).  From gathering data in reference to a members current diet, to grocery shopping and preparing nutritious and fueling meals for an entire week, Audra is available to guide you to a healthy and whole focus on food.  For more information, please send us a message or touch base with Audra to discuss your specific needs.  Nutritional consultation fees are $50 per hour.  And look forward to quarterly gym-wide nutrition/performance that allow members to participate for prizes!
  • Personal Training – Trainers are available for personal training per your request.  For any individualized needs that aren’t being met through regularly scheduled WOD’s, please contact us with your specific needs and we will be happy to pair you with the best fit!  Personal training fees are $50 per hour.
  • We also work closely with the following partners (also CrossFitters) to ensure you have a full-service experience:


CrossFit 8035 will continue to address member needs with an ever-evolving menu of additional services.