We met as strangers trying out CrossFit, and in just 2 years, we’ve become friends, trainers, and now co-owners of CrossFit 8035.  After growing accustomed to the training, becoming involved in the community, and expanding our knowledge of CrossFit, we wanted nothing more than to provide the same life changing information and fitness challenges to those in our community.

eventMainNestled at the intersection of Interstates 80 and 235, Downtown Des Moines lends itself to over 80,000 corporate workers every day.  Most of whom sit in their cubicle or office for most of their 8 hour work day with little opportunity to achieve a valuable amount of activity.  We want to change that.  We want everybody from the 20-something downtown residents, to the 70-something corporate CEO’s.  We want the service industry workers who keep our downtown lively, and the city workers who keep it running.  We want to inject our passion and our love for this newfound “sport of fitness” into the very culture of Des Moines.  People of the Midwest, and Des Moines residents specifically, are known for a tenacious work ethic and strength in community.  CrossFit 8035 aims to harness those qualities to generate a new and improved lifestyle for our members and our city.

As 4 partners, we come from diverse backgrounds that should provide unique perspectives and strengths.  Having said that, we all share one primary perspective; CrossFit is the most revolutionary health movement we have ever encountered.  For this reason, CrossFit 8035 will focus on promoting constant variation and development, while maintaining safety, structure, and organization.

As owners, we have committed to CrossFit and its methods and put them into practice in our everyday life.  As a group, we’ve had the privilege of experiencing competitions, fantastic CrossFits across the country, and an amazing CrossFit Level 1 Training Course.  We will continue exploring and learn to gain as much exposure to the sport of fitness and its training methods as possible.  The connections we have established through our experiences are invaluable, and we strive to provide the same support to those around us.  Our dream is for CrossFit 8035 to become a leader of continued health education, all-sport exposure, personal accomplishments, and all things CrossFit.

At Crossfit 8035 we are the murderers of monotony.  The seekers of intensity.  The makers of more…more confidence, more strength, and more opportunity for healthy living.  We are young and old, small and large, beginner and elite.  We are a community of those willing to push themselves to new places.  And as far as we’re concerned, the more, the merrier.  So check it out.  A better lifestyle begins here.